painting of a bunny beside yellow flowers

Emily Halper and Artist Discover A social network specifically made by artists for artists.  Born and raised in Long Island, New York, surrounded by the arts, Emily Halper had a dream of bringing the artistic community together. Her passion for the arts coupled with her entrepreneurial spirit, led Halper to create a platform to connect […]

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Welcome to the very last post of the New York series today. It has been a fun week of me sharing and watching you guys read and give me feedback which is highly appreciated as always. Today I share with you guys my courageous day out and about in a new city and perhaps you’ll […]

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Hello my gorgeous readers. How are you guys doing? Has September come with any hope or we’re still figuring it out. Anyways, whatever the case we gotta stay hopeful. Today, actually this week I am so excited for the series of blog posts coming to you guys because I talk about my favorite city in […]

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