shallow focus of clear hourglass

Hey there, my amazing readers. How have you guys been? I have been missing writing to you guys but you know life happens and stuff piles up. Anyways I know most of you saw last weeks piece. I had the honor to have Careen (as she mentioned on her post) write a piece for my […]

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never be afraid on typewriter

So this is it guys! This is my first time doing this in public, airing my simple thoughts on the internet. Well, My names are Caren Leonard and I struggle with FEAR! It’s my bestie bestie! It’s stupid, it’s not real and it does not exist.This being a thing of mine I then decided to […]

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oatmeal platter

Hey there, my beautiful readers. How is October treating you guys. Well I guess it’s too early to ask or to judge how the month is going to go but I know and believe it’ll be better than the rest. Today I wanna share with you guys about one of my fav go to breakfast […]

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blur bottle bright building

Hello, my gorgeous readers! HAPPY NEW MONTH!! (screams in hopefulness and expectations). It’s October guys. This year has just flown by so quickly and I am out here trying to see what I ticked off my list. Not worried though because I am very hopeful about this month and the remaining two months of 2020. […]

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hEYlOw my readers. We meet again today. Aren’t you guys impressed with the consistency because I definitely am very impressed. Today is the second part of the New York series blog posts. Why does New York get three? Well, because its New York and that’s on that PERIOD! I will be sharing with you guys […]

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HI there my gorgeous readers. As promised I am back today with the second part of my trip(s) to Cape Town. Let’s get right in to it. You’re probably wondering what is there to do in the city, the touristy things and what not. There is A LOT of things to do in Cape Town […]

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Hello there my gorgeous readers! How’s August treating y’all. Every time I think about the fact that it’s August, it blows my flipping mind. How is it August already. How has the world just spent more than half a year at home. A part of me is still a little bit in disbelief with the […]

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Hey hey my beautiful readers. I believe ya’ll been keeping well. Sorry it’s taken me a minute to get up and write this weeks blog. I’ve had a plateful but that’s no excuse. I’ll do better I promise. Today I wanna talk about HOME. What do you consider a home. If you ask me, i’m […]

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Self love 2.0

Hey hey my amazing readers! I believe y’all are still keeping positive and hopeful about life. As promised I’m back this week to wrap up this self love talk. Today I will focus more on what the professionals have to say about self love and I think we will all find it quite helpful. Before […]

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