Hey there, my amazing readers. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OF YOU! I am so excited and very happy. I love Christmas so very much as I have said it 100 times before on this blog. People who know me personally know just how Christmas crazy I get around this season. I have said it before, […]

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Hey there, my amazing readers. How are you guys doing in this very quick month? I swear just yesterday it was Saturday and somehow its Wednesday today. Frankly I am not complaining because we all just wanna get over and done with this twenty plenty lol. But damn, days are just flying by. How is […]

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christmas baubles on top of tray

Hellow there, how are you guys doing? I believe ya’ll are doing more than okay. It is finally December and I am so happy. December is one of my fav months of the year simply because it is the holiday season. I love Christmas and everything that comes with it. I love that it is […]

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