white and purple flower plant on brown wooden surface

Hello there, my amazing readers. I believe you guys are doing alright. When one of ya’ll is tired of the same greeting do let me know. Maybe we can mix and match languages here to make things more interesting. Today I wanna talk to you guys about essential oils. What they are, some of my […]

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cupcakes on pink and white floral table cloth

Hello there, my gorgeous readers. How have you guys been. I have been missing you guys and I do apologize if I have been a bit all over the place with the content lately but the Joer (AP) brand is “under construction” at the moment. With that said a lot of behind the scenes work […]

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Hello there, my amazing, amazing readers. How have you guys been? I know it’s too early for season greetings but I feel like as soon as November hits, a good number of us are counting down days to Christmas. At least for those of us who love Christmas and find it to be a rather […]

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shallow focus of clear hourglass

Hey there, my amazing readers. How have you guys been? I have been missing writing to you guys but you know life happens and stuff piles up. Anyways I know most of you saw last weeks piece. I had the honor to have Careen (as she mentioned on her post) write a piece for my […]

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person dropping paper on box

Hey there, my amazing readers. How have you guys been keeping up. I’ve been doing alright. Just exhausted with all the politics talk. As most may know this is election year for quite a lot of countries. Presidential elections and other elections within specific countries. It just so happens that it is also election year […]

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oatmeal platter

Hey there, my beautiful readers. How is October treating you guys. Well I guess it’s too early to ask or to judge how the month is going to go but I know and believe it’ll be better than the rest. Today I wanna share with you guys about one of my fav go to breakfast […]

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blur bottle bright building

Hello, my gorgeous readers! HAPPY NEW MONTH!! (screams in hopefulness and expectations). It’s October guys. This year has just flown by so quickly and I am out here trying to see what I ticked off my list. Not worried though because I am very hopeful about this month and the remaining two months of 2020. […]

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Hey there, my beautiful readers! How are you guys doing? Hopefully staying positive and looking forwards to the good things that will happen before this year ends. Today I wanna share with you guys about my experience and time in Portlandia (Portland, Oregon). Honestly one of the best places I’ve lived in, in the US. […]

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Hey there my beautiful readers. I believe ya’ll are keeping up and doing great. Thought I’d share a piece with you guys that I wrote back in 2018 . I hope it inspires someone, reminds someone and motivates someone out there. Cheers to being unique and original. Thanks for stoping by and see you guys […]

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Hello there my gorgeous readers! How’s August treating y’all. Every time I think about the fact that it’s August, it blows my flipping mind. How is it August already. How has the world just spent more than half a year at home. A part of me is still a little bit in disbelief with the […]

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