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Hey there, my amazing readers. In the spirit of being thankful I would like to dedicate todays blog post to show my gratitude to you guys and just talk about being grateful. It is very important to be grateful in life for the little things and the very big things. This year in particular I […]

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cupcakes on pink and white floral table cloth

Hello there, my gorgeous readers. How have you guys been. I have been missing you guys and I do apologize if I have been a bit all over the place with the content lately but the Joer (AP) brand is “under construction” at the moment. With that said a lot of behind the scenes work […]

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shallow focus of clear hourglass

Hey there, my amazing readers. How have you guys been? I have been missing writing to you guys but you know life happens and stuff piles up. Anyways I know most of you saw last weeks piece. I had the honor to have Careen (as she mentioned on her post) write a piece for my […]

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never be afraid on typewriter

So this is it guys! This is my first time doing this in public, airing my simple thoughts on the internet. Well, My names are Caren Leonard and I struggle with FEAR! It’s my bestie bestie! It’s stupid, it’s not real and it does not exist.This being a thing of mine I then decided to […]

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bloom blooming blossom blur

Hello there, my gorgeous readers. I am very excited to write to you guys today because I talk about one of the topics that are very dear to my heart, Mental Health. The 10th of October each year is World Mental Health Day. It is very important to take care of yourself. Physically, mentally, spiritually […]

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Hey hey there my beautiful readers. How have you guys been? Hopefully keeping well and hanging in there! How has your week been since we last met on my lovely blog? Mine has been crazy busy but I am here to give you the content you signed up for (lol). Sooo let’s talk about how […]

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