white and purple flower plant on brown wooden surface

Hello there, my amazing readers. I believe you guys are doing alright. When one of ya’ll is tired of the same greeting do let me know. Maybe we can mix and match languages here to make things more interesting. Today I wanna talk to you guys about essential oils. What they are, some of my […]

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battle black blur board game

Hello there, my gorgeous readers. I hope you guys are doing alright and keeping up with the days because they are going way past the speed limit. Anyways I wanna talk with you guys about snacking habits that are sometimes necessary but not always healthy. I am pro any thing healthy to be honest. I […]

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oatmeal platter

Hey there, my beautiful readers. How is October treating you guys. Well I guess it’s too early to ask or to judge how the month is going to go but I know and believe it’ll be better than the rest. Today I wanna share with you guys about one of my fav go to breakfast […]

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four assorted spices on wooden spoons

Hey there my beautiful readers. I believe you guys are keeping well. Here by my corner we always stay positive, so no matter what stay positive love. Today I come to you guys a little differently. I know you guys are used of me writing about travel and some sort of motivation but I’m a […]

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