Hey there, my amazing readers. How are you guys doing today? Congratulations to the new US President and Vice President. Here’s to preparing for the worst but hoping for the best 🥂. On today’s blog post we continue with the second part of the Qatar Airways post. Where I rate my experience with them and share it with you guys. First of all, I believe that as a flyer there are several things you consider before picking which flight company you want to be a loyal member to.

I am writing this because after my several experiences with Qatar Airways I decided to become a loyal member. I am currently at the Burgundy level and I was hoping to level up by 2020 but ya’ll know how that story goes. They have four groups in the privilege membership. The first one is the Burgundy which is the very basic one in which I reckon if you fly with them more than once they’ll offer it to you. The second one is Silver followed by Gold and topped by Platinum. As you elevate to a higher membership the advantages increase such as better q-miles which is what they call their flying miles. Excess baggage allowance and lounge access.

I remember when I first flew with them, I was a little bummed because everyone knows about Emirates and I thought it was sheek to fly with them but after I did. Oh man! I was super impressed by everything. Let’s start with the price. Their prices in my opinion are very fair. You want a rather cheap flight to anywhere. If Qatar Airways is going there trust that they will be of help. We all know when it comes to travelling it’s all about the budget. The little you can save goes a long way. I know that some people are very interested, and they always want to know whether it’s an airbus, Boeing etc. I don’t fuss a lot about such information lol. However, if I was to come across someone who was knowledgeable enough about the topic, I wouldn’t mind learning. All I care about is my comfort when flying.

I flew economy and was very comfortable. I believe it was the first plane I had taken that was big big (I guess that’s an airbus). You get into the plane and it’s like the population of a village flying lol. For those frequent long-distance flyers are probably saying duh! But for those who mostly fly locally are probably surprised by what I am saying. It amazes me honestly. I am the type of person who tends to question how things work anywhere I go. So, you can only imagine how intrigued I was to try and figure out how this flying business is such a well-organized system. I remember watching a documentary on discovery about how airports work. Boy, oh boy! That is a well-oiled system where every second counts literally. When we fly, I’m sure most of us don’t even think to question how everything works. But behind the scenes hundreds of eyes are monitoring every damn thing.

Anyways that was just a by the way. Let’s get back to Qatar Airways. My 8-hour trip was rather short in comparison to the 14-hour one. Despite the journey being so long they make sure you don’t feel bored, hungry or distressed in any way. The cabin crew will go above and beyond to cater to your every need. You could ask for something and think, they probably don’t have it, but they do. That was one thing that really impressed me. How much they value you as a customer of theirs. The cabin crew is also very kind. We all know how good customer service goes a very long way.

Their entertainment system is packed with a good variety of movies to keep you entertained for the entire trip. Every film genre you can think of, they got you. If you had been hearing about a new movie but never got the time to watch it. They most probably have it. I remember in one of my trips they had Aladdin the new one that stars Will Smith as the genie. I really wanted to watch it before but never got the time. So, I was excited to see that they had it. They also have all the hot series that most people like. They got good music, kids show, religious stuff if that’s what you want. They really got it all.

When it comes to food. They feed you like a baby. You’ll have dinner and after some time snacks will be passing by. Tea and coffee, alcohol for those who prefer it. They also have complimentary Wi-Fi. I forget how long the complimentary Wi-Fi lasts for, but everyone gets it. And in case you need some more time you can always purchase more time. I also remember the food from Doha to the US being good. Remember when I mentioned how you get food that is of that country. However nowadays I eat very little when I fly. Since it’s a long flight and it involves a lot of sitting. I always feel so full and bloated so I basically taste the food. Eat the fruits, desert and fluids. Then I try to stand or walk as often as I can to avoid feeling bloated.

That basically sums up my trip and experience with Qatar Airways. I am not sure, but I think almost all flights have to stop in Doha at some point. So, you’ll get to experience that desert heat lol. I love the Hamad International Airport. I have had a couple of long layovers there to the point that it started feeling like home 😂. It’s so big as most international airports. It’s very very clean and always quiet. It also has complimentary Wi-Fi. They have little cute carts to put your carry on if you have some. It’s like everything is well thought out. This is why the whole flying situation just amazes me. The airport has a good variety of restaurants to cater to all palates.

One trick I learnt about flying and water is, always carry an empty water bottle. Whether it’s the metal can ones or a plastic one. Always carry one. They won’t let you go through security with the water, so you pour it. But once you get past security most airports have water stations where you can fill your bottle. That way you avoid purchasing overpriced water and then having to throw it because you couldn’t finish it. That is just one good trick I remember. If you guys have any other good trick, please don’t hesitate to share so we can all learn. That is all for my Qatar Airways experience. I am hoping to someday visit the country instead of just passing by. I hear its very pretty and rich in history which is exactly what I love. Thank you for stopping by. Share the post with your friends and colleges and come back for more good content!!

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