Hey there, my amazing readers. How have you guys been? It’s been a minute since I last popped by. I hope you guys have been keeping well and are keeping up with 2021. It’s just the 18th of January. We got a long way to go but if there is one thing, we will not do this year is give up. There will be no giving up allowed. Last year has built our stamina and tolerance level so we are definitely better and stronger. Alright, enough with the gibber gabber let’s get into what I want to share with you guys today.

I would love to share with you guys about my experience with flying. In the spirit of “we are going to travel this year no matter what”. With this I am going to focus on my long-haul flight with Qatar Airways. My first flight with Qatar Airways was when I was going to the US for the very first time. I don’t think I had ever heard of that flight (Qatar). I honestly just knew of the ones I had regularly flown with like South African Airways (SAA), Kenyan Airways (KQ), British Airways (BA) and some local ones in Tanzania and South Africa. Whenever I thought of long-distance flying (10hrs+) Fly Emirates and KLM always came to mind which I have never flown with before. However, my family has flown with them before and they all say they are pretty good flights. I would love to try them out someday plus I have never been to Dubai nor Amsterdam.

Don’t you guys love that about long distance flying? When you get a layover in a city or country you’ve never been to before. Even though you end up staying inside the airport it is always so much fun and such an experience for me at least. If there is one thing about me, I will learn as many languages as I can and visit as many places as I can. Even if that means getting an unnecessary layover 😂. I remember when I was flying from Texas to New York. That journey is an easy 4-hour flight at most. But I left Texas at 6am just to arrive in New York at 4pm LOL. All because I chose a flight with a layover in Salt Lake City. In my head I was like when will I ever go to Salt Lake City out of the blues. Probably never so I took the shot.

When I was flying from Virginia to California, I also took a layover in Chicago because I really wanted to just say that I set foot in Chicago hahaha. And when I was flying from Oregon to Tanzania, I took a layover in Boston (lol). So unnecessary but worth it. Layovers are only fun if you are not rushing somewhere like to a meeting or something. If you have to be somewhere at a particular time and don’t have the time, then layovers are not for you. Also, most flights with layovers are actually cheaper so it’s a win win in my opinion. After blabbering on and on I am sure now you get the gist of how much this means to me hahaha. 

Let’s get back to my journey with Qatar Airways. First of all, I would say their service, cabin crew, standards are very impressive. Oh, My Goodness the airport in Doha, Qatar is hands down one of the very cool ones I have ever been too. My trip from South Africa to the US was about 20hrs+. Yep! There are journeys that last that long. I remember the very first time I took that 20hr+ trip, ooh man! It felt like we were never going to land, and we are living in the skies. It was a new experience and a rather daunting flight given that the most hours I had been in air were 8 hours and that’s from South Africa to Qatar. From Qatar to the US (depending on which part of the US) it’s a whooping 14-16hr flight. You sit, stand, sleep, eat, watch movies, meditate and do all you can and when you’re done, you’re still in air. So, my very first time I would say was a bit of a tough experience because I had never done it before, so I didn’t know how to strategize lol.

After doing it once and chatting to people about it I learnt that with these long flights. It is all about strategy. Decide how many movies you want to watch and make a to do list to get the time going. Although I will say that this can be rather challenging since you’ll be in an enclosed space that is limited so there is only so much you can do. However, with the right strategy you will feel like time is flying with you. After a couple of flights to the US I had gotten used to it and I remember on my very last flight home before the pandemic hit. I shut my eyes and when I opened them it was dinner time (it was a red eye flight). Then I tried to watch a movie and ended up falling asleep again. When I woke up it was in the morning. And that’s how the trend went till we arrived in Doha. It was the shortest but long flight I had ever taken.

After that experience I later came to see that some of my favorite youtubers would do the same. They would deprive themselves of sleep so by the time they are in the flight they sleep for most of the trip. If there is one thing you can take from today’s post is Qatar Airways is a very good flight and when it comes to long haul flights it is all about strategy. I know that when some people hear that this flight is 10hrs+ they’d rather stay where they are. But what if it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and you have to take that long ass trip. I would say wear your big boy/girl pants and go for it. No regrets, just lessons.

With all this said let me conclude the first part of this blog post. With the second one we will get more into Qatar Airways as a company and what it feels like to fly with them. Thank you so much for stopping by and see you in the next blog post. Also, this blog post is dedicated to my dad since he gave me the idea to rate my experience with Qatar Airways. THANK YOU for being my loyal number one fan and THANK YOU to each and every one of you out there. As I always say, your love and support never goes unnoticed.

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