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Hey there, my amazing readers. How are you guys doing in this fine January. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but January is one of my favorite months. Simply because I celebrate my birthday in January. Before I go in to a whole story about it let get straight to my blog post today. My post today is on the touchy, preachy side of things. I often read about this example that there is no person who knows discomfort like a woman who is about to go into labor. I personally have never been pregnant so i wouldn’t know. But if you have ever been around a woman who is past their due date then you must have heard how uncomfortable they feel. How for a second there it is so uncomfortable to the point that they are hating and questioning everything. At that particular moment of discomfort they don’t even remember that they are about to give birth to new life. Literally a human being is about to come out of them. A baby that’s going to be a source of hope and so many good positive things (at least that’s how it should be).

This example had me thinking of our day to day life. How many times do we go through so much shit to the point that we are just about to throw in the towel. Everything you turn and look at is just an utter mess and it makes no sense whatsoever. Imagine and for some people you don’t have to imagine because you are currently going through that. A life where work is horrible. The thought of waking up and going to work feels like you’re in survival mode all the time. Maybe because work is very toxic and you can’t afford the luxury to quit. You have bills to pay and you have people depending on you.

As if that’s not enough your love life is a non existent lol. You don’t have to downplay how important this is. We all need someone to love and deserve to be loved back. For those spinsters and bachelors, imagine you don’t have the support system that keeps you so confident and afloat. Just everything going south and you’re expected to wake up every morning with a smile on your face and a boost of confidence. I did warn you guys my post today is very touchy. For someone going through all this. It has to feel like a woman about to go into labor. You are so uncomfortable because everything in your life feels like you’re walking on fire. You don’t know where to balance your foot and get some peace of mind. Everything feels like its tumbling down and you want to blame yourself but at the same time you can see that it is not your fault. A pregnant woman at that point blames herself for getting pregnant in the first place.

What the pregnant woman and this person (maybe you) have in common is both of you are forgetting the great thing that is just about to happen. The moral of this long annoying touchy story is there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I am aware that sometimes the baby doesn’t make it or the mum doesn’t make it. But we can’t go through life focusing on the negative. If we focus on the negative what’s the point. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. When we feel the most uncomfortable. The most unhappy. On the verge of giving up that is when something of a miracle comes along. All it takes is that extra will to survive. That last glimmer of hope that maybe today will be a different day. And it actually will be the beginning of the best days of your life. 

I remember I once wrote this kind of post back in 2018 I believe and one of my friends followed me in my dms and asked me if I was okay because the post gave him a vibe that I wasn’t okay. I then told him I am actually in a very good place. I just love writing and giving anyone out there the extra push they might need. He then said I was being dramatic. I guess I wasn’t mature and confident in myself enough. His comment discouraged me and I never wrote on here again uptill July 2020. There’s a lesson right there but my point is I love doing this.

I love being there for people even if it means putting myself in a place where I look “dramatic”. I will be there. I will cry with you if you want me to but I will be there. Even if you just want to be alone. I will be there sitting in silence just incase you need me. I also know that now days most people spend a good amount of time looking at their screens rather than having actual conversations with people. So, if I put up a post that makes a difference to even one person. To me that is more than enough. My amazing readers out there. I hope you guys hang in there. I know sometimes life can get so so shitty. It can literally feel like you’re getting bullied by the universe but God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. I love and appreciate you guys so much.

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