Hey there, my amazing readers. Happy New Year!!! It is finally 2021. That year that we shall not mention is behind us. Now it’s a new year and although some of us live in places where lockdowns are still happening. Hence making it feel like we are in an extended version of last year. Let’s just stay hopeful and find a way to gear ourselves up for this year. It’s a fresh start as I had mentioned in my previous post so the opportunities to do better are endless. Speaking of, did you guys wait out the year or did y’all just sleep in and wake up in 2021 hahaha. I waited out the year. I had to make sure we weren’t getting any extra days in December because we were at a point where anything could happen lol. Alright, I am done being melodramatic now let’s keep it moving.

Today I want to share with you guys about a road trip I took on New Years day with some of my very lovely friends. It was a spur of the moment kind of trip for me and as you may know these kind of trips are always the most fun ones. We went to this place known as Chemka Hot Springs. As it says in the name. It is a hot spring so the water is heated up by subterranean volcanic activity. What I loved most about the spring is the color of the water. It was so blue. I don’t know what’s the precise name of that shade of blue but it was a really pretty tint of blue.

When you get there you can swim in the water which is pretty fun. I would suggest that you pay to use a floater if you are not very confident in your swimming skills. The water is deeper than it looks with the naked eye. However, if you are confident in your swimming skills then you’ll be alright. Some people may be asking themselves by now. I have to pay for a floater, that must be quite an expensive place. Well, not at all. It is very fairly priced.

One other thing that I would suggest is pick a day that is rather busy for most people. What I mean by this is pick a day that is not a public holiday or the weekend because on those kinda days it’s very packed. We went on New Years and it was pretty packed to the point that I couldn’t swim. One thing about me is whenever I see water, I can never resist but for that day I was like I’ll take a pass with this one. So, I would suggest that you pick a week day that is not a public holiday and I guarantee you that you will have an awesome experience. Just by seeing pictures of the place you can tell that it is very therapeutic being around the area and just floating in the warm water.

Another thing to take note of is when going to the spring the dirt road from the main road to the spring is quite extensive. Hence I would suggest picking a dry day. If it happens that the only day you’re available to visit the spring is a wet day then choose a car that is made for dirt, rough roads because you might get stuck there and it is quite a bumpy ride.

All in all it was a very fun trip and a good start to the year. One thing I promised myself was I will make more effort to travel this year. Be it short distance travel or long distance travel. I will travel and that’s on that. It helped me feel more refreshed although it was a one day trip but that’s the beauty of travel. It always makes a difference if you let it. I am definitely looking forwards to doing more of it and as often as I possibly can. If there is a trip count me in without a doubt lol.

Thank you so much for stopping by guys. I hope you guys are having a good start to this year if not then don’t worry it’ll pick up. Remember it all starts with you. The attitude you have towards life and everything around it. I wish you guys all the best in this coming year and Aesthetically Pleasing has a lot of exciting things for you this year so stay tuned my lovely ones. Happy New Year 2021 and all the best!!!!!!

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