Hello there, guys. HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! We made it in to 2021. I am honestly so very grateful to have made it this far personally and have gotten through 2020. It was literally a war zone. We don’t know how 2021 will be but at least we have that extensive training we got from 2020 trauma lol. If you’re reading this post it means that you have made it into the new year, congratulations!! It’s funny how it’s just the next day but a new year. 

Are you guys resolution types of people? Like do you guys write new year’s resolutions each year and follow them through. I know for a fact that there are three groups of people when it comes to this matter. Those who write new year’s resolutions and stick to most if not all the things (I aspire to be this person). The second group is those who write a new year’s resolution list, fail to follow through most of the things but still keeps going with the list. The third group is those who have done the list thing and are tired of not following through, so they have just let the resolution thing go. Let the year flow as it goes and work on things as they come. I am a little bit of the second and third group. I have ticked off somethings I wrote in 2018 in 2020 so I go with the flow but at the same time I gotta have a plan.

As the new year begins it represents new beginnings in a lot of things if not everything. New plans, strategies and all that. Besides all the pressure to be new in things I hope you guys prioritize yourselves more this year. Put that on the list and make an effort to love yourself more and look after yourself more. Warren Buffet always says you get one body in this life and it’s your responsibility to take care of it.  You can get new anything but not a new body. You would have to be reincarnated or something. Before someone says I can get plastic surgery and have a new body. Well, surgery doesn’t and can’t change how you think and view life. You’ll be the same person in the mind after you get out of the knife as you were before you got under it. Eish! Sorry for being too loud. It’s a new year, I gotta chill😅.

Anyways, I am wishing you guys a happy new year and all the best in this year. Someone wise once taught me that we humans strive to be happy. Everything we do is an effort to achieve some sort of happiness/ joy in the end. We work so hard to get that dream car, dream job, designer this or that or even marry/ get married to the person of our dreams. As the new year begins let’s not forget that happiness is not in the destination. Its where we are right now. Let’s find a way to be happy, be kind and work smart and hard where we are right now. The dream job/car/ designer item should be an added bonus.

 Okay guys, I feel like I am starting to sound a little preachy, so I’ll end it over here. But I hope you guys have an amazing year. Look for the good in everything. Make lemonade out of the lemon’s life dishes you with. Aesthetically Pleasing has a lot lot instore for you guys this year. So, stick around, like the posts, follow the page, drop a comment and get ready for a fun wild ride with us. Sending so much love to you guys and thank you for being with us to this point. Each and every one of you is valued and loved dearly by us. Happy new year and all the best!!!!!

Love Joer!!

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