Hy there! How are you guys doing? I do hear myself repeating this intro over and over again but I truly wanna know how you guys are doing. Ooh my Goodness! Christmas is right around the corner but today I won’t bore you guys with Christmas talk. I’ll save that for my final two posts right before the 25th. Today I want to share with you guys about my first visit and experience at this very lovely hotel I recently went to. One thing about me is I love anything to do with hospitality. Ever since I worked for a Marriott hotel in Texas my love for the hospitality industry just grew so much especially when it comes to hotels and resorts. You want some inspiration about how to decorate your home, go to a hotel. You want to feel wealthy and well catered for, go to a hotel. You want to escape your reality, go to a hotel.

When it comes to hotels there are certain world class brands that never disappoint. The best part about hotels is you don’t have to be a millionaire to experience that first-class service. You could literally save up a couple dollars and go spend a night or two in a hotel. Why wouldn’t anyone love this. I know it sounds crazy, but you could save up, go to a renowned hotel in your hometown/ city and spend the night. I would definitely do that. I also feel like when it comes to the service business, hotels and resorts are one of those places where you rarely regret spending your money. Only because the service and attention they give to you as their customer and guest is out of this world. We all know when you give someone good customer service, they don’t really mind spending their coin on you. It will sting on their end, but it will worth it. The absolute best part about hotels is you get best of both worlds. You get the first-class customer service and then the views, the scenery, the rooms, everything is to die for. I remember when I spent a couple of nights in Ramada Hotel this year. I couldn’t wait to go to my room hahaha. The headboard of my bed was so beautiful. It was the kind of big you want, and it was well decorated. The bed was also very very comfortable but the headboard for me was just everything. To me personally the best part about hotels is with each country you get a different taste. I hear hotels in Japan (most if not all) have toilets that clean you once you’re done with your business. The effort put in to maintain the brand name but still incorporate different cultures. It’s just so cool to me. Every time I travel that is something I am always looking forwards to. Sorry Airbnb, there is just something about hotels.

After my long rant about hotels (lol) let’s get to the one I wanna talk about today which is Gran Meliá. I had the lovely opportunity to have a dear friend take me there a couple days ago and honey child. My mind was blown. I think because I spent most of this year indoors when I walked into the area I was blown away by the exquisiteness. Gosh! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I don’t even know where to start. The entrance into the area invites you with these very long palm trees that take you back to California. Right before you get into the lobby there are these two cool cars on the outside that are meant to give you this aesthetic, vintagey vibe. I’m not a car person but I believe one is a Land rover and the other one is a Volkswagen. If I am wrong, please don’t come for me. And then once you get past the security check the magic starts. The lobby gives that wow factor the moment you walk in. I have recently been taking note of home décor and things and I noticed the furniture in the hotel, its pretty good. I also didn’t get a chance to see the rooms, but I am certain that they are spectacular. 

 The dining area is also very pretty, and they have these ginormous vases that my friend really likes. Its really pretty. Once you get to the outside there is like a bar area and sitting area. The outside area is very big and well planned. You could take a walk around the area, there is like cute little bridges. The pool is also amazing. I gotta find out what I need to do to swim in that pool for real. We also went into the spa place they have over there and child! By just walking in you can feel all your stress and anxiety leave you. It smells so good and they have a variety of massages that they offer. Steam room, sauna and that whole mess. They also have some awesome massage oils, salts and essential oils that you can purchase at a reasonable price. The outside is also filled with trees and you can hear water fall which is very therapeutic. Honestly, I had such a good time. Now I know where I’ll be escaping to every time, I am tired of this normal BS. That’s all for today guys. A huge shout out to my lovely friend who I will not name for privacy sake for being an OG and letting me experience such a great time. I love you dearly and I am very grateful again. Thanks again for stopping by and have an amazing weekend. Maybe give Gran Meliá a visit or something.

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