Hey there, my amazing readers. How are you guys doing in this very quick month? I swear just yesterday it was Saturday and somehow its Wednesday today. Frankly I am not complaining because we all just wanna get over and done with this twenty plenty lol. But damn, days are just flying by. How is your December going? I know there is going to be some not so good answers but as I always say, let’s try and focus on the positive. We have to get through this and the only way is if we find a way to keep our heads held high. 

Anyways, todays blog post is a little different because I wanna share with you guys my short Christmas playlist and some of the movies that are a must watch each year for me. I don’t care how many times I have seen it but every time I watch it, it’s like I have never seen it before. We’ll start with the music. Now we all know that the list of Christmas songs is endless. There is hundreds and hundreds of them. Although if we’re being honest most of them are just a sample of some lyrics from back in the olden days or something like that. Regardless we love each and every rendition of these songs. 

Any song sang by Frank Sinatra is music to my ears that I never want it to stop, Louis Armstrong as well. Just a side bar, I really, truly enjoy jazz music. If I was asked to pick a genre of music I would rather listen to for the rest of my life. I would definitely pick jazz. I remember going to my first jazz concert back when I was in South Africa. Gosh! It was one of the best things I have ever experienced. I hope to go to more jazz concerts in the future and hopefully visit the birthplace of jazz music in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am actually thinking of investing in a record player just so as I can play jazz records. Its that’s special. Don’t judge me guys, deep in my soul I was born in the industrial age where everything was being discovered and I was a part of it and in the exterior, I was born in the 90’s a product of the information age. History police please don’t come for me if I have gotten some of my facts wrong lol.

Here comes a very short list of Christmas songs that I have to listen to each year. There are songs that happen to be part of a playlist or something like that but with these ones. I consciously make the effort to go out there and look for them and listen to them.

  • Please come home for Christmas; this song makes me think of a love that lives far away from me and I just want him to come so as we can enjoy this holiday together. One of my fav!
  • An old Christmas card; this one is special because I love how Jim just made a song about a card and he makes me want to put so much thought in the words I put in a card I send to someone special.
  • Rocking around the Christmas tree; this one just reminds me of Home Alone and makes me want to dance to the instruments in the song. There is a part in the song that the musical instruments just come so well together and make you want to move.
  • Baby it’s cold outside; I just love the lyrics to this one and the instruments.

The rest of the songs are the normal every year Christmas playlist. The jingle bells, blue Christmas, white Christmas, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and etc. I’m going to hate it if I look back and see a fav that I forgot to put on this list. Writing this has made me wanna listen to them again for the 100th time hahaha. When it comes to the movies part, I honestly just have one special movie that happen what may, I have to watch it. That is none other than Home Alone 1 & 2 and that’s a tradition I plan to pass on. Well, that’s all for today guys. Thank you so much for stopping by and all the love and support. It is truly appreciated.

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