Hey there, my amazing readers. How are you guys doing? I am doing alright thanks for asking 😊. How is December going for you guys? (LOL) I know that some of us can’t wait for the year to be over. Which makes me a little bit anxious because it’s not like things are going to magically be different by the time its 0000hours on the 1st of January 2021. This ain’t Disney man 😭 but we are going to stay hopeful. Regardless of what happens we have to survive and live and be happy. I am all about positivity here on my blog but that doesn’t mean that we are oblivious to reality. We stay positive but also true to ourselves and we call it as it is. 

Today I would love to share with you guys about my first (real) snow experience. I put the shady “real” because when I was in Texas it snowed for like 10 – 20 minutes. But it was the kind of snow where you would see the flake coming down and the moment it hit the ground or any surface it would melt in like zero seconds. So, as you can guess I was very much excited to have my first real heavy snow experience. Snow is all fun and games when it comes in a limited amount. The moment it starts snowing heavily then a lot of stuff starts going wrong left and right. Cancelled flights, things not being delivered and power outages in some cases. When I was thinking of my first snow experience, I wasn’t thinking of all this. I was just super excited. With all the travelling I had done, I had never experienced snow before. I remember sending my brother a video of me gallivanting in this solid water. 

Oooh wait! I just remembered that I did have a snow exposure incident in New York, but it snowed late at night and when I woke up it was just there. So, I never really got to experience it firsthand.

We got to throw snowballs around, build a snow man and take cute photos in the snow as we froze ourselves. Little did we know that it was the calm before the storm. I remember it started snowing at like 10am and we played in the snow for about an hour. Cheers to adulting and being trusted to take care of yourself 😂. As time went by it kept getting heavier and heavier and I was still excited. Then 7pm hit and it was still snowing. A couple of hours went by and power went off. When we went out to try and ask what was going on. They said that a power line had gone down. A heavy branch fell on it. Mind you Williamsburg is a small-ish town, and it was on a Monday. They told us that no help could come because snow had covered everything. Willy being a small town that doesn’t experience snow as often didn’t have any of those trucks that normally sweep off snow and pour salt on the road. So, electric company cars couldn’t come through that night till the next day. 

I remember it was so damn cold. I love the cold weather but that day I was like WTF. I wore two thick onesies, layered up with two sweaters and a jacket and my covers and I was still freezing. My roommate didn’t have as many layers as me, so she bowed out. Took an uber and went to sleep in a hotel. I was like I’ma stick this one out and have something to tell my grandkids hahaha. It was the best experience that I had ever had with snow, but it got bitter real quick. Luckily there was one room that had solar panels so there was still power there. Thank goodness I didn’t have to be in the dark with no heating system and no battery life on my phone and laptop.

So, that was my first, firsthand experience with snow. I enjoyed it to be honest. I remember the smiles I had more than the cursing I was doing later that day hahaha. (kidding, I don’t curse that intensely). They did fix the power problem later that week. Moral of the story kids don’t wish for snow when you live in a small town and never let your inner kid die. Thanks, so much for stopping guys. Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to take care of yourselves!!!

Love Joer!

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