Hey there, how are you guys doing. Today I want to share with you guys about my lovely stay in Williamsburg, Virginia. A city that is rich in history, small and very friendly (based on my experience at least). I had the privilege to live and work in Williamsburg. I used to work at the Busch Gardens theme park. I believe it is like the biggest theme park in Williamsburg so as you can imagine it was always packed. To be fair it is pretty cool.

What I loved most was that the theme park is divided into different sections and each section is named after a country. The countries included Italy, Canada, Ireland, Germany, England, Scotland and France as far as I can remember. Of which to me was pretty cool because I love travelling so to go to work every day and feel like you’re in a different country within a couple of minutes was pretty darn awesome. 

So, each country section had rides that were named after something from that particular country. The restaurants and food areas close by were named after areas from that country as well and also the food was based off the country. I worked in a restaurant in “Italy” and it was called Marco polo and the food we served was all the way Italian. Thankful for that because I walked out with some pasta and cannelloni making skills up my sleeve ha-ha. The best part about it was during my days off I would visit different “countries” and try their food. I remember enjoying sausage in Germany and there was this steak house I believe in Ireland or the North pole that just bomb AF.

My other favorite “country” to visit was England. I really loved the funnel cakes they had up there. Clearly the food had me all caught up lol. Another great thing about Busch Gardens was the shows they put up. I was around there during Christmas season so all the shows I got to see were Christmas themed. I enjoyed the Gloria show most back in 2018. I think I had seen it twice and knew people who had seen it more than twice because they just couldn’t get enough of it. 

Another great part about Busch Gardens was the roller coasters. It’s one thing going to a theme park and seeing all the action with people around and it’s another thing reporting to work before anything is open and this massive land looking a bit scary (to me at least). I am scared of big things that in my head could start moving and just crush me to death. This is why I never wanna see a ship from its waist down. I’ve seen pictures and it scares me. But the rollercoasters were truly fun. I did not ride them as much because I need to get over my fear of roller-coasters. They just look too crazy to me. I did however ride one ride that just goes straight up and then straight down. It’s supposed to be super quick but since it was around winter, the speed was slow just the way I like it 🤪. Well, that’s all for today guys. Thanks for stopping by and if you’re ever around the area definitely go visit the Busch Garden theme park, you won’t regret it.

 Love Joer!!

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