Hey there, my amazing readers. How are you guys doing today. Hopefully ya’ll are keeping well. Today we go on to my stay in Texas, the second part. I have noted that most of you enjoy my travel content most. You enjoy the rest as well but travel just does it for most. Well, just for the record I enjoy travel content as well. There is just something about it but if 2020 has taught us anything is that we need to have diversified interests. Because for those of us who enjoy traveling have not been able to do it as extensive this time meaning that we had to find other things to keep sane. So I hope you guys will grow in to the other content as well and see the correlation in one way or another. Travel is lifestyle and lifestyle is travel.

I want to share with you guys about the Gaylord ice exhibits we got to see in Texas. It was honestly such a pretty cool experience. There was this exhibition where ice was sculpted in to a Christmas story and each year the Christmas story changes. So you walk in to a room that is temperature controlled well below zero degrees Celsius. As you can imagine it is very very cold in there. Before you enter the exhibit you get handed a parker jacket and hopefully you would have come with your own extra layers because it is pretty damn cold. I have seen people who did not bring enough layers and ended walking out halfway through the exhibit because of how cold it is. Having worked there I have also seen those “people” who would turn down the parker jackets we offer them just for them to come back out two minutes later requesting for one. Moral of the story is it is important to listen to other people because you could think you know better but they are speaking from experience of seeing people like you or being like you once🤷🏽‍♀️.

Once you get in to the exhibitions you get to read the whole story. There is a sliding area which is also pretty fun. You can also take pictures if your phone is well secured because they sometimes freeze. Yep! That’s how cold it is. Besides the ice sculpture exhibitions there is also a lot of other activities to do around the hotel especially during Christmas. I can’t speak for other holidays because I was there during the Christmas holiday season. A lot lot of other activities. having not done all these Christmas traditions before I did not shy away from doing any of them. I sat on Santas lap (I asked him and he said it was okay 😂), I decorated a ginger bread house, listened to Mrs Klaus tell stories (when I had a shift there lol) and so many more. I wonder how the pandemic has affected all these activities this year but I really hope that they have found a way to keep all this happening. The kids and adults always seemed to enjoy and have so much fun doing all these activities. Also the Christmas decorations around the area are so pretty. They really go all out with everything and that’s how I like it. Thank you for stoping by today guys. I hope you guys will do at least one thing to keep you Christmas spirits high. We don’t know what we are walking in to next year so we might as well try and end this year on a somewhat positive happy note. I mean we have made it this far and that is something to be extremely grateful for. You can click on this link 👉🏼Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center to see all the pictures of the amazing place instead of me attaching poor quality pictures.

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