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Hellow there, how are you guys doing? I believe ya’ll are doing more than okay. It is finally December and I am so happy. December is one of my fav months of the year simply because it is the holiday season. I love Christmas and everything that comes with it. I love that it is a season that touches a lot of people in different ways. Even though there are people who couldn’t give a shit about Christmas and its commercialization. I feel like they do get touched in one way or another. I love that there are always random acts of kindness going around. I love that it’s meant to be a season of giving. Oh man! I love this holiday. I cannot wait for the day I have my own home and I can just have a mini Christmas wonderland in it and start having annual Christmas traditions because I gots to live my best life!!

Anyways, do you guys celebrate Christmas, or you do not care? You could not be bothered about this holiday hahaha. Besides I feel like will all the craziness that has been going on this year, there is probably a good number of people who could not be bothered and there is a number of people who are just excited for the holiday season because it is a good time to just temporarily block all the bad energy before we can tackle the following year. Does the thought of 2021 scare you guys?? (inserts laughing whilst crying emoji) I am excited but at the same time low key like, what fresh hell is gonna happen next year. Although here at Aesthetically Pleasing we stay positive but sometimes we like to wonder. I remember seeing a meme that said, I love how we all think things are going to magically be okay the minute 2021 hits. I laughed because what would the world be without memes and then I cried internally because damn! 

None the less we will stay positive and keep our heads held high. Back to our Christmas talk. I wonder If there is a number of you guys who can’t spend the holidays with your families because of one reason or another? If so, do not worry because I am believer in enjoying my own company. We do need people in our lives but sometimes when we are all we have it can be more than enough when approached with the right mindset. So, don’t feel bad if you don’t receive any presents or have no one special around. We have all been there and it does get better. You just gotta focus on the good positive things that are happening. After all, the holidays will be here and gone in a flash then we can go back to our normal lives that are not very normal at this point if we’re being honest. That’s it for today guys. I hope you guys have a first great start of the month and enjoy the rest of December. Let’s for a second pretend that this month is not a part of 2020 lol. I appreciate you guys stopping by and love y’all so much!! Also, don’t forget to take care of yourselves.

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