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Hey there my amazing readers. How are you guys doing today. Today I wanna share/talk to you guys about protecting the energy around us. I am almost certain that this is a topic that affects each and everyone of us. Sometimes we are in situations where the energy around us is just so negative to the point that it is unbearable. I have definitely been there, and I have learnt and I am still learning on how to protect my energy and my peace. There is nothing in this world that I value like my inner peace. I love when it feels calm and quiet in my mind and in my heart. I love when I have control over things that can affect my energy. Basically what I am saying is I will do anything to protect my peace and the energy around me. Even though that might require isolation from certain things or people. To me, it is a small price I have to pay if I am being honest. 

I know that sometimes we can be in toxic environments that we can’t take ourselves out of or in relationships that we feel stuck in for one reason or another. Someone might be like, Lisa how you expect me to protect my energy when I have to deal with a toxic situation or a toxic person every day. I hear you my guy. Been there and I can safely say you will get through it. I am going to share with you some tricks I use to protect my peace. I am so serious about this guys. When you lack inner peace, it’s honestly the most tormenting feeling/situation you could ever be in. 

The first thing that I always do is mind my own. Mind the business that feeds me. Trust me, that is not always easy, but I work every day to be my best version when it comes to that. When you mind the business that feeds you it eliminates all the unnecessary stuff that would fill up your mind. Secondly, do things that add value to yourself. Instead of doing things that will make you feel bad about yourself or be around situations that will drain your energy. Avoid those things and focus on what makes you feel better, what makes you feel happier and what makes this life worth living. Also avoid people who drain your energy. It is important to remember that you have to be respectful to everyone. So, find a balance where you are respectful of them, but they are also at a distance where they cause less harm to you. Whether that means communicating less with them or keeping busy hence occupying your mind and time with other things. Learn to enjoy your own company and love yourself. It is important to be able to sit by yourself and enjoy your own company. Truth about life is there are times where you will be all you have and If you can’t be around yourself with love then that’s a red flag honey and you need to take care of it. These are just some of the things I do to cope with protecting my peace. I hope they can help someone out there. I can not emphasize this enough. You need to protect your peace. 

Other things you could do are minimal things that are very helpful like picking a new hobby or doing something you really enjoy doing. Going for a walk, doing some yoga or just anything that floats your boat and makes you feel relaxed. But these minimal things tend to be temporary because once you’re done doing them then you have that hollow feeling. I would recommend focusing on the core ways to handle lack of inner peace then applying all these other things to push your progress. I hope this information has been helpful to you guys. I am hoping that this something I would talk about more than once because we need to be happy in this life and when you lack inner peace, happiness will be like a myth to you. Thanks for stopping by and see you guys soon.

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