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Hey there, my amazing readers. I believe you guys have been keeping well. Popping by today to share with you guys about my snacking habits that sometimes I do a great job at controlling them and other times I just absolutely suck at it and have no control whatsoever. I feel like there are two types of snackers. The sweet tooth and savory snackers and some prefer a little bit of both. I am more of a sweet tooth. I tend to drift more towards the sweet snacks that is why I take my sugar intake very serious because I know damn well that one day of uncontrolled snacking could cover up for the amount of sugar needed in my body for a couple of days. I prefer biscuits when I snack. Not much of a chocolate junkie unless it has wafers in it like KitKat and unless its a Toblerone bar. I go crazy for those chocolate bars. They are actually my favorite. Probably because when I was a little kid whenever my dad would travel he would always come back with Toblerone bars amongst other presents. Then he would most times forget to give them to us because he was always busy or wait till we do well in school or something. So, I guess for me they just bring back good secure memories and now that I am an adult and can get them whenever I want to. I always wait till I achieve something then reward myself with it hahahaha. I’m sure a shrink would have a field day with the Toblerone connection in my mind lol.

I also prefer milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Not so much white chocolate. The only times I can tolerate white chocolate is when its mixed up in a drink or something like that and even then I prefer very little of it. Anyways, back to my story, we all have those day where we want a family size bag of chips and a good show so we can binge our way through life. Just one of those days where calories don’t count because we are having an awful day or feeling all over the place and emotional eating is such a good comfort. I had one of those days this past week. Lucky for me there was no damaging bag of chips on sight and the only thing I had that was appetizing for me at that moment was half a box of digestive biscuits. I shamelessly put Seinfeld on and stuffed myself with the rest of the pack. Did I feel any regret after it? Just a little. Okay, I’m kidding! There was a lot of regret, firstly because I had seen this flavor of Pringles that I hadn’t had before so I got it (this happened the week before). It was staring at me looking all tasty with its additives and I said screw it! Life is short and I gots to know what this flavor tastes like. For those who are curious its honey mustard. So I just had two weeks where I made horrible choices health wise back to back. My rule is I can have one bad week in a month health-wise as long as the rest of the weeks are good. I think it’s a good balance and I can keep up with it but sometimes man, the cravings just creep up on you.

I am sharing this story just so as someone out there who is trying so hard to have it all together knows that there can be down days. And those down days can happen more than once and it’s alright. It’s called balance. You get back up and do better like the champ that you are. I also shared this story because it is important that we all know that when leading a healthy lifestyle cheat days are not only needed but they are actually recommended. I always say moderation is better than depriving yourself of something. You crave something so bad that is also a biological sign that your body needs it. But you have to remember that you control your body and it does not control you. Unless you a growing a human in you then you do whatever works best for you honey. I normally have one cheat day in a good, well behaved week and its always on Sundays. I am always busy during the week so I can easily ignore and control my cravings but weekends are where it’s at for me. Thanks for stoping by you guys. Truly appreciate ya’ll and stay tuned for more great content. Also don’t forget to take care of yourselves.

It’s all about balance ya know!

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