Hi there, my amazing readers. How is the last Wednesday of November 2020 treating you guys. I can not believe that it is going to be December next week. I am happy that the holiday season is here because I just looove Christmas but man! This year has just flown by. You know how in video games the further you progress in to a new level the harder it becomes. So I don’t know how to feel about 2021. The only positive thing I can say is at least we had this year to build up our tolerance for whatever is coming. On the lighter side of things today I wanna share with guys about a trip I took a little while back to Marangu, Kilimanjaro. Good number of people know of the place and some don’t. For those of you who do not know where Marangu or Kilimanjaro is. If you have ever heard of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania then that’s where it’s at. Those people who love hiking and have hiked the Kilimanjaro know exactly what I am talking about.

Fortunately for me it happens to be where my roots originate from. My dads side of the family happens to be from there so that is home for me. I had not been to Marangu in a little over five years because of school commitments. So when I went back after such a while it was like a breath of fresh air. One thing that was imprinted in my mind when I went there was how fresh and crisp the air was. It’s like the first badge of air goes to the area and then we who live in towns and cities get the rejected polluted air. I kid you not, when we were leaving I was sadder to leave the good air. I mean it was great seeing everyone I had not seen in a while but damn THE AIR WAS TOP TIER. There is no words to describe how good it feels to be around the area.

As you head to my grandparents house, it is literally up a random mountain so you can feel the air get better and better as you go higher and the nature around is just something else. I wondered to myself how comes five years before this I did not give a crap about any of this but now I’m gaga over the nature up there. I came up with one answer. Adulting happened and as you get older I guess you learn to appreciate the simpler things in life that you probably once took for granted. I remember telling my dad I can’t believe you grew up in this rich environment. In a world where our faces are glued to screens 90% of the time. That is the place I’d rather be around as often as I can. The waterfalls, the trees, the air and just the nature in general. It is like a very thin slice of heaven. If there is one takeaway from this post today, I hope we all learn to appreciate the little things around us a bit more. They are actually more calming and relaxing than the expensive retreats. Thanks for stoping by guys and see yall’s soon.

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