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Hello there, my gorgeous readers. I hope you guys are doing alright and keeping up with the days because they are going way past the speed limit. Anyways I wanna talk with you guys about snacking habits that are sometimes necessary but not always healthy. I am pro any thing healthy to be honest. I count the calories in my food and I always want to know what nutrients are in whatever I am eating. It can be annoying for people who live with me but that’s just me and I make no apologies for making Lisa happy :-). There is not a food group I do not consume. I just find that moderation and timing works best for me so I roll with it.

I love being in the know of what I am eating because my body and mind have such an intermingled relationship. If I consume something and I know it’s not necessarily good for me then my body will definitely have a reaction to it. Be it an upset stomach, bloating or just an affected mood. So because of that I have developed an obsessive behavior where I need to know the health benefits of what I consume. I know that there are people who say “we are here for a good time not a long time”, and I am with you guys but I’d rather take care of my body and mind then make reckless choices in other aspects lol.

I wanna share a success story that frankly I am very proud of. I started limiting my soda intake back in 2010 when I was in boarding school (form 2). I was not very educated about “the healthy lifestyle” but for some reason I started withdrawing from soda since that time. We used to get soda during special occasions while in boarding school and even then I would give it to a friend. Since then I have always avoided soda and carbonated drinks all together but I do occasionally have a can of soda here and there. Like twice every six months. I recently cut out juice from my diet (I know, its ridiculous) but if I did not personally make something my level of trust for it is very limited. I do consume juice but only when I make it or know exactly if there is any additives and to what extent. Call me crazy but you gotta take care of yourself man.

Warren Buffett has always said you only get one mind and one body in your life. It is up to you to take extremely good care of it. The best part is you are never too late to start taking care of your self. I know there will be those people out there who will say but when you die you die. I know that but wouldn’t you rather die knowing that you led a good life while at it. You weren’t chugging down pills because you failed to do right by yourself. And what if you don’t depart this world as soon as you thought you would and you’re stuck living with the results of the horrible choices you made whilst knowing damn well you could have done better. For me I’d rather be on the side where I took care of myself and enjoyed every aspect of it. You know it is true when they say that knowledge is power. Most people who don’t care enough to do their own research will think “these health nuts are so annoying. I can’t go through life not eating meat or having this or that.” But that’s not the case.

Taking care of yourself is such a broad subject and what works for one person will not necessarily work for you. It is not a one size fits all situation. That is why you have to take the time to learn about these things and try and figure out what works best for you. With the google schmoogle nowadays you don’t even need to pay for these expensive nutritionist classes. I mean you can if you have the money and you want to. Then you will realize, darn it! I just saw a YouTube video that did a better job than this and it was free but I guess guidance is always important at times. So, thank you to the people who take the time to summarize huge chunks of information for us and offer it to us at a somewhat fair price.

In summary what I’m saying is, taking care of yourself is important, very important. You gotta watch what you feed your mind and body. It goes hand in hand. Not one without the other. Dance to some music to get your blood flowing if you’re not a runner like me. Or go for a very long walk but if you live in a questionable area security wise I would recommend just putting on a good playlist and move to the beat of your own drum. Depending on the good genes running in your blood you probably do not have to sacrifice a whole lot but you do have to take care of yourself. Regardless of good genes, F1 metabolism or whatever YOU DO HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. MIND AND BODY. Let me let you guys in on a secret. If you learn to take care of yourself you realize that no matter how big or dramatic something could be going on in your life. You will be able to handle it because it is an external factor. external factors come and go and they change but when you the internal factor is affected. It takes A LOT to fix that, just remember that. If something work related or a relationship is not working out you can go for a run and clear your mind, you can distract yourself with other activities to forget it, but when you are not doing alright not even a ten hour run can fix that.

Love Joer!!!

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