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Hello there, my amazing, amazing readers. How have you guys been? I know it’s too early for season greetings but I feel like as soon as November hits, a good number of us are counting down days to Christmas. At least for those of us who love Christmas and find it to be a rather cheerful time of the year. Given the year we have had, I am crossing my fingers and believing that it has to be better. 2020 is not going to take Christmas away from us. Not Christmas. Happy New Month BTW. Yep the year just flew by and we’ll make the most of the remaining days before this year ends. It is the only way.

How are you guys though? Is there any pressure from not accomplishing something (s ) you had set out to do for this year. I hope there is not any pressure and you are remembering all the catastrophes this year. The fact that you have made it this far, trust me that’s an accomplishment of it’s own. We’ll set out the pressure feeling for next year. I have also been reading that some countries have been going back to lockdown (in Europe) and some of us are going through elections or have just gone through them. 2020 has somehow managed to stay busy regardless LOL.

I just thought I should stop by today and check on you guys. With everything going on around the world. It is my hope that we are all doing our best to stay afloat. Not a long post today but just a check in on my little lovely family out here. Keep keeping safe and taking care of yourselves. Looking forwards to the blessings that will come along with this month and December. Stay hopeful my people. It does get better!!!!

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