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Hey there, my amazing readers. How have you guys been keeping up. I’ve been doing alright. Just exhausted with all the politics talk. As most may know this is election year for quite a lot of countries. Presidential elections and other elections within specific countries. It just so happens that it is also election year in my lovely home country Tanzania. Man am I tired of the political debates people be having here and there and mostly tired of being put in a place where someone wants me to be a part of a political debate. Not that there is anything wrong with having political debates. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and has the free will to be interested in anything they want to. It’s the part where people think you’re less than because you have a certain opinion about a particular candidate or political party.

Other than my country having presidential elections this year which are meant to actually take place this October, USA also has presidential elections this November. Whether you care about it or not best believe this super nation will be up in your news letting you know what’s going on. I feel like it’s inevitable not to hear or read something about the US at the moment. Especially when it come to the political side of things.

I for one am over it and can’t wait for the elections to come and go so we can get on with our lives ya know. I am not a certain political party fanatic. I am more of a whoever brings significant change fanatic. That’s the candidate I will be voting for whenever. I would also like to take this platform to encourage you guys to vote if you can vote. Don’t just listen to the propaganda and don’t be swayed a certain way. Don’t be a groupie when it comes to change or things that could impact change. Do your homework, evaluate and make an informed decision. Also don’t feel bad or less than for voting for anyone. It’s your constitutional right to vote for who you feel is right. Don’t vote for someone because your mum or dad said to. Nor vote for someone because all your friends are doing so and you don’t want to stand out or be left out. All significant innovations and change were made by people who weren’t scared to stand out. Be that person today and impact change whenever you can because your vote matters.

I recall once visiting a friend in a small town between Virginia and Washington ( I forgot the name). When I met her dad I was quick to question his political views on certain matters and just pick his brain. Take me anywhere and I will be the person asking intellectual questions haha. I recall having a civilized conversation with him and walking out of there informed and educated whilst respecting his opinions. My friend and her mum were later telling me how it was rare and weird that their dad had a political convo with me without there being any smoke. Apparently political conversations were banned from their home because he always gets so rilled up.

That taught me and I am passing on the wisdom that, it’s more important to listen and learn why a person thinks or believes what they do without belittling them or arguing with them because you don’t share the same opinion about something. I know this is the type of thing that goes through one ear and out the other but just try it sometime. You will actually learn so much and earn a lot of respect for that. Anywho, thanks for stopping by today. GO VOTE IF THERE ARE ELECTION TAKING PLACE WHERE YOU LIVE AND REMEMBER YOUR VOTE DOES COUNT!!!!!

Love Joer!

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  1. Great post. There is an art to listening and learning from each other that seems to be disappearing from our society. I blame the loss of that skill on this country’s division more than anything else. Bc people can be united and care about each other despite different opinions.

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