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Hey there, my beautiful readers. How is October treating you guys. Well I guess it’s too early to ask or to judge how the month is going to go but I know and believe it’ll be better than the rest. Today I wanna share with you guys about one of my fav go to breakfast meals. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. In a perfect world I would have breakfast for lunch and dinner as well. It’s such an exquisite meal. The pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pastries and many many more. OMG! It’s honestly the perfect meal for me.

However, I can not afford to have all the breakfast glory all the time because it can be damaging when not done right. That is why I take my breakfast meals very very serious in comparison to any other meal I have. I always want to make sure it’s pleasant, healthy, fuels me in the right way and lifts my mood because that’s the first meal of the day. It does set the tone of how my day will go or how I will handle my day. Yes, food can and will affect your mood.

My recent go to, easy and healthy breakfast meal has been oat meal. Some people don’t like oat meal because it can be quite boring and you need to do a lot to it, to make it interesting. To be honest most foods that are good for you do come off as boring but they are the best thing for your body. Oat meal is rated to be a very healthy breakfast option and it is when done right. I’ve heard of cases where people add too much sugar, be it in the form of fruits or other additives. That is not good because it makes you consume more calories than you intend to in the name of I am having a healthy meal but all the additives aren’t healthy. The result of that is someone saying I am eating healthy but still gaining weight or feeling tired and drained. Well, part of your meal involves something healthy but you’re not eating healthy honey. That is why you’re tired and sluggish all the time.

Some people do view “healthy eaters” to be an annoying group but it’s necessary to take care of yourself. Plus it makes you feel so good and boosts your confidence because you have control of your body and what you put in it. So, let’s get to it. I always measure half a cup of oats (I use instant oats), powdered milk (would recommend almond milk), a tea spoon of honey and a table spoon of peanut butter. I use peanut butter because of the protein and fat. The protein helps keep me full longer and I rarely have lunch because I am always still full-ish by lunch time. I use honey as a substitute for sugar. Which I should note that honey should still be consumed with caution because it has the same effect as sugar but it has more health benefits that sugar. I use honey for the antioxidants and milk because I wanna keep growing and need the nutrients that come with it.

If I feel very hungry that morning I would use more water as I cook my oats so as to give myself the illusion of having more. But I am having the same amount with just more water. And that’s my breakfast folks. Simple, quick and healthy. The calorie count does add up to about 500Cal. I always note mentally on the amount of calories I have just to guide me through my day. It feels really good to take care of yourself guys. Let’s not forget that oats come with the benefit of regular bowel movements so yay (hahah). It feels good to watch what you eat, how much and how frequent. Not everyone can afford to exercise as often because of busy schedules or just being lazy. The least you can do is watch what you put in your body. Thank you so much for stopping by. Do stop by as often as you can for more fun and educating content.

Love Joer!

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