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Hello, my gorgeous readers! HAPPY NEW MONTH!! (screams in hopefulness and expectations). It’s October guys. This year has just flown by so quickly and I am out here trying to see what I ticked off my list. Not worried though because I am very hopeful about this month and the remaining two months of 2020. I was watching one of my fave you tubers and she was like “being happy is your birth right”. That’s finna be my motto for the remaining of this year. World’s on fire, don’t care. I’ll be too busy being happy, drinking my water, and dressing like I own it.

With today’s blog post I’ll be sharing an update with you guys. How I have been? Why I’ve been MIA in a minute? And I would love to hear how you guys have been. I’ve been alright. I just took a short break from the blog, social media and anything that felt like it was draining me. If there is one thing I have been learning over and over again is to take a mental break from anything that drains me. If it’s too much for my mental and emotional state trust that I will not be giving it a second of my time. Life has so much to offer other than worrying about the little things that won’t matter in a years time. I love the 5 by 5 rule. If it’s not going to matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes upset by it.

Moving forward the blog is going to have more versatile content. I know over the past months most of my posts have been motivational type and travel related. But going forward we will be expanding to more things that I am passionate about like health and fashion so stay tuned because you will be entertained and educated I promise. With health I am not an “expert expert” but I have spent so many years, from about the time I could use the Internet to learn about health. What foods to put in, what to avoid, moderation and all that mess. I am not pro weight loss or weight gain. I am pro eating and consuming things that make you feel your best and confident.

Hence, I will basically be sharing what Lisa does and what Lisa eats. I am going to admit it early, over the years I have developed a palette for things that people might consider tasteless and disgusting or bitter but trust me that’s the best way to live, by me at least. Natural remedies, aromatherapy, feel good hikes. That’s right up my ally and that’s the content you will be getting. I will also be sharing some fashion posts. Not a pro at it as well but fashion is art and I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to do art. The way you do it, that’s your art and that’s why ripped clothes became a thing LOL.

So do stay tuned, do subscribe to get notified when I put up new content. Leave your comments, like the posts and show some love to your girl. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting as often as you do. I love and appreciate each and every one of you. I also wish you guys the absolute best in the remaining months of this year. I believe they are going to be so much better that the past months of the year. Just remember it won’t happen miraculously. You need to get up, get doing and stay positive. Don’t forget to take care of your selves.

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