Hello there, my amazing readers. I am back again my second part of my stay in Portland. As I said before I really loved and enjoyed living in Portland. It was an interesting experience for me plus I lived in an area that was close to the Portland State University so it was such a vibe living around a college. As you can imagine there is a lot of activities that are catered for college students once the semester starts plus the PSU library was always open to the public hence whenever I needed some quiet time to do some reading or get some work done away from my noisy apartment it was always there.

I also completely fell in love with staying active. I have always loved the idea of being active but the means and the will to actually get up and do it can be quite a challenge. Since I lived downtown I preferred doing a lot, a lot of walking. I walked as much and as far as I possibly could. The only time I ever took public transport was only when I went to places that were really far away and the roads leading up to it weren’t favorable for walking such as highways. Other than that all I did was walk.

Tom McCall Waterfront Park

I had two places that were my absolute favorite to visit and those were the Keller Fountain Park and Tom McCall Waterfront Park. If you like being around nature of any sort then these places are definitely for you. I used to enjoy going to these places with any free time I had. I would just go sit by the Fountain Park and watch the water fall and listen to it fall. Very very therapeutic if you ask me. And what had become like a tradition was walking to the Waterfront most evenings and just sit there and look around. I can be a very easy person to please at times. I do need to point out that these particular places can become very crowded during summer but I prefer them when they are not very crowded.

Keller Fountain Park

The best part about these two places is you don’t have to spend a dime on any of them. You can just go there and enjoy the views and the serenity that comes with it. Even though there is a lot going on around these area, cars passing by, the city noise but once you get there it all just disappears and the only thing on sight is the beauty that surrounds you. As you can tell from most of my blog posts so far I enjoy a lot of the outside nature-sh things. To me that’s always the best form of therapy that always always works for me. Taking a walk or being around nature gives me a lot of peace and calmness and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thanks so much for stopping by today. Stay safe and stay happy!

Love Joer!

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