Hey there, my beautiful readers! How are you guys doing? Hopefully staying positive and looking forwards to the good things that will happen before this year ends. Today I wanna share with you guys about my experience and time in Portlandia (Portland, Oregon). Honestly one of the best places I’ve lived in, in the US. I really enjoyed my time there and I will be sharing with you guys what it’s like and what to expect based off the experience that I got the short time I lived there.

I lived in Portland, Oregon for some time and I was also lucky enough to live in the downtown area so it was always easy for me to get up and head to town. I got to experience that downtown life and it was fun and came in handy because you could easily have access to a lot of things. However, it was bloody noisy almost all the time. That is the only thing that had me thinking this is a bit much but other than that it was great. Portland has those street cars and the metro system is not underground so you can only imagine the noise.

Unfortunately for me I used to live in an apartment complex that was right next to one of the metro stops (the end of that particular metro) so I kinda had to get used to hearing a surge in noise after every hour or so. Just lovely innit? On the positive side I could literally just walk out the complex and catch a metro to wherever I wanted to go.

Living in Portland means you also have to program your mind to dealing and living with a lot hipsters and homeless people. Nothing wrong with being a hipster but some may consider such people to be weird hence, do prepare to encounter a lot of weird. The homelessness rate in Portland is just quite high and you can never tell what to expect from these people. I do understand that not everyone wants to be homeless but there are just some of those who do affect the crime rate and that’s not really good ya know. Thus, just get ready to encounter a lot of them and a lot of peculiar smells as you walk around. My friend actually told me he was once taking the metro home and had an encounter with a homeless man who was butt naked in there. I hope this kinda prepares you for that. Wipe your seat whenever taking public transport because you never really know who’s naked butt was sat there before you.

One of my absolute favorite thing about Portland is that you can be as weird as you want to be. Hence the slogan “KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD“. I truly truly love that about Portland. The ability to be yourself without being worried about someone judging you because they are also being themselves. I remember I was once taking a walk and came across this group of youngsters sat in the middle of the side walk. Being polite I said hy and they said hy back and they were like “we are aimless”. I felt horrible and I was like don’t worry it’ll be alright, you guys will get your sense of direction with time. Their response to me was “we love being aimless “. I was flabbergasted and just awkwardly smiled as I paced away.

Portlandia is so beautiful. Don’t even get me started on the nice small restaurants that cater for ALL DIETS. I remember having this vegan “beef” burger at this spot downtown and that burger was so good. Better than some of the real beef burgers I’ve had before. Also, cannabis is legal in Oregon and you can consume it in public so don’t be surprised when you’re taking a walk and smell something very nature-ish. Another fun fact I did not know about Portland is it has the highest number of strip clubs per-capita in a city in the United States. Portland is also very green and the city does try to be environmentally friendly. The city has banned the use of plastic bags so you will not be seeing any use of plastic bags around the city just brown bags and reusable ones. There is a lot of parks and waterfalls and those type of things, if you enjoy being in a place of that sort then Portland is for you. The richness in green scenery also means that a lot of rain is expected therefore, do except it to be raining most of the times and randomly as well. Lastly, the public transport system in Portland is pretty good and extensive. You can take a metro all the way to Washington state, and you can get around the city by just depending on it. That’s all for my Portlandia part one experience. I really loved and enjoyed my stay there and can’t wait to share all of it with you guys. Thanks for stoping by and see ya’lls on the rest of the Portlandia series.

Love Joer!

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