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Hey there my beautiful readers. I believe you guys are keeping well. Here by my corner we always stay positive, so no matter what stay positive love. Today I come to you guys a little differently. I know you guys are used of me writing about travel and some sort of motivation but I’m a versatile Queen meaning we do anything and everything here. As long as it’s good for our mental, spiritual, physical and emotional self.

I wanna share with you guys about what has been my new found obsession and that is Gin and tonic tea…… jOCKING. It’s ginger and turmeric tea. I recently had one of those PMS situations where my hormones just came at me at a thousand kilometers per hour and your girl was not copping at all. I was feeling bloated the entire time, don’t even mention the mood swings. From being happy and calm to tearing up for a reason that to me is not good enough. I am one of those people that is constantly trying to learn about my own biology and beat it at it’s own game. So I basically don’t let my body control me. I try and study something that seems abnormal and see if it’s seasonal then the next time it comes around I’m like screw you I know what this is hahaha.

But about a month ago my own body beat me at my own game and decided to go HAM on me. Honestly I can tolerate a lot of discomfort but bloating is just one of those feelings that is so horrible and It makes me extremely uncomfortable. That’s when I was like woow being a female is such a challenge. That is when my new acquainted best friend came in to my life. Ginger and turmeric tea. After being fed up with the discomfort that lasted longer than it normally does I decided to pay Dr Google a visit and it did not disappoint.

I found that the best remedy was ginger and turmeric tea and read up on a couple of articles that just sold this remedy to me. Wasting no time I immediately made my self some of this magic tea and I was feeling so much better. In addition to it just helping curb bloating it does help deal with any other digestive related issues you might be going through. It also helps boosts the immune system and so many other health benefits that I found very necessary. Healthy focus explains some of the best benefits you could get from it so do check them out to be more informed.

The ginger and turmeric I had was not mixed together before hand. I used powdered ginger and mixed it with powdered turmeric and some unflavored tea leaves. In my opinion the less manufactured it is the better for your body. Thank you so much for stoping by today. Do stop by as often as you can for more natural and organic health hacks because that’s the way we live over at this end.

Love Joer!

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