Hey there my beautiful readers, I believe ya’ll are doing alright and keeping well. How is September treating you guys? I hope it is being kinder and even if it’s not I hope you’re staying positive and focusing on the good things rather than the negative bad ones. No matter how small the good thing may be, take it and hope for a better tomorrow. Today I wanna share with you guys about my hiking experience and how I feel about it. Honestly I am not that much of a hiker. I try my best to get out there but I do enjoy it whenever I do it, so it always makes me wanna do it more. And when I am not hiking and I recall the days I used to, it really makes me miss the outdoors. Hiking is one of those things that is just a necessity when done right. Although I am not quite sure if there is a wrong way to go hiking. I am talking to those people who we just like to go out there and do our best then head home. If you’re like that then you’re my kinda person lol. I just enjoy the feel I get from being outdoors especially when the weather is rather chilly just a little bit. I enjoy hiking in that weather because the uphill walk makes me sweat and once I loose the layers i’m wearing the feel of the breeze is just unexplainable.

I don’t remember the name of this waterfall but its the geology of the rocks that had me taken.

I discovered the beauty of a good hike back in Portland, Oregon. There is an area that is known for having a series of waterfalls that are not very far from each other. The popular one though is Multnomah falls. It’s one of those instagramable falls because of this bridge that is part of the hill heading up to the falls. It is indeed very very pretty. I remember the first time we hiked it, it was a bit crowded. A lot of people were hiking up it and wanted to get to the top of the falls and see it. I did get to the top although I almost fainted as we were heading up because ya girl hadn’t been active and then she just decided to go hike up a falls (hahahha). It is a quick hike but quite steep.

Multnomah Falls

Once you get to the top, you definitely wanna do it again because it just feels so good to have accomplished the hike (hahaha). So if there is any take away from today’s post is go for a hike, go for a walk, just get outside the house and do something. It’ll definitely help you feel good, clear your mind and make you have a new appreciation for the outside especially this year where we’ve just been forced to be indoors. It will also get you to exercise some muscles that have probably not moved for a while now. Thank you so much for stopping by today, I truly appreciate it.

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