Hey there my beautiful readers. I believe you guys have been keeping well and are staying hopeful. We’re pushing to mid September and staying hopeful and positive is the only way to keep going if I’m being honest. Anyways, today I wanna share with you guys about a hidden treasure, a beautiful spot in South Africa that I got to visit in one of my Geography field trips during my undergraduate studies. The place is called Woody Cape Nature Lodge and honestly when we went there it was supposed to be a work heavy trip but I ended up having a relaxed weekend off from all the crazy that was going on my life at that moment.

It is a lodge in the Eastern cape that I do not quite remember the name of the exact town it is located in but that’s what google is for. The accommodation area is not exactly luxurious for those people who would be looking for that kind of vibe when they travel but it is the perfect place for the backpackers. I remember we slept in like a boarding room which reminded me of the times when I was in boarding school but the difference is this time it was boys and girls all sleeping in the same place. It was a bit weird but alright, all my Geography classmates were pretty cool and fun to be around so it wasn’t as bad. The lovely people who I believe run the accommodation place there were just very lovely and very interactive to all of us so I just remember it being an all fun trip plus they did make an effort in making us nice warm meals which I thought was really nice, granted we paid for it (LOL) but you know how when someone just gives you their best you don’t even feel bad for having spent on any service they had to offer you. In fact you feel bad for not spending more.

The best part of the trip was the beach. Oh My Goodness that beach was the best beach I had been to. One might be like ppssht! Best Beach, seriously? Yes best beach and I’ll tell you why. You have to take like a ten minute walk to the beach from the lodge area and during the walk the view of nature around you is so breathtaking and you would think it does’t get better than this. Guess what? It does! The beach is so so so clean and I can not emphasize this enough. IT IS NOT CROWDED AT ALL. I remember going to a beach in Port Alfred and thinking this is it. Nah!! The beach at Woody Cape was it! So quiet, so clean, not crowded. All you hear is birds, the waves, and the trees. With all that’s been going on lately if you’re looking for a place to just forget the world that’s definitely it. I will attach a time lapse I took when I was out there. It was so peaceful and calm to the point that I remember some of my colleagues spent the night at the beach. Trust ya girl didn’t do that ish but they did say it got a bit to chilly and some of them walked back whilst others toughed it out for the rest of the night.

I remember our last day there we had to take a walk and observe the geology of the area. Not to get too technical but that area is very geologically exciting, not as exciting as Iceland but right up there. It’s one of those places that just makes you be in awe of Mother Nature and how beautiful it can be. I am definitely the type of person that prefers living in areas that get all seasons or preferably the cold weather mostly but when it comes to the beach I can be sold in to tolerating the heat. Thank you so much for stoping by this week. Stay safe out there, stay positive and love you guys!!!!

Love Joer.

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