Welcome to the very last post of the New York series today. It has been a fun week of me sharing and watching you guys read and give me feedback which is highly appreciated as always. Today I share with you guys my courageous day out and about in a new city and perhaps you’ll learn a thing or two on how to maneuver your way in a new place when you’re all by yourself. Granted that this blog post is biased to areas that are very well recorded and documented on the internet hence making it easy for anyone to use their mobile device and just go about their day. I am aware that there are places out there around the world where you’re high tech gadgets are of no use because very little of the area can be found on the Internet so I guess that’s a blog post for another day. I do know for a fact that people struggle with this and most of the time you’d end up getting lied to by the locals who take advantage of the tourists, which sucks to be honest. Anyways back to the city full of dreams. If for some reason you did not know this, I am here to let you know that you can explore any place especially big cities around the globe very easily and all you need is working internet on your mobile device or whatever portable gadget that meets your fancy. In which you would need to buy a SIM card and a plan for that but it’ll be worth it once you don’t feel lost after taking every turn. Although I remember reading somewhere that there is a city somewhere in Europe I believe that the entire city has WiFi, so if you happen to be visiting that city then you do not have to worry about a SIM card and good for you.

Joer having her Gossip Girl glory moment at THE MET STEPS.
Central Part, a Home Alone scene was shot here. I believe this is also the f.r.i.e.n.d.s fountain.

On my solo day around the city I decided to visit a place that had been on my bucket list ever since I started taking interest in fashion and found out that there is such a thing as “THE MET GALA”. Watching the invited guests getting dressed up every year on the first Monday of May had been part of my tradition and every time I thought of New York among many other things, The Metropolitan Museum of Art had always been right up there. So as you figured I went to this amazing museum that I was so excited to visit. I love THE MET not only because of the fashion event that takes place every year but also because it encompasses every interest that I have and gives it to me in one package. I love art, history, fashion, photography, music (although some would argue art is everything I just listed) and the THE MET just dishes all that to me at once, so what more could a girl ask for honestly. I got to visit the museum and as far as I remember it’s free to visit the museum but you can give/donate $25 and upwards if you want to for reasons that are obvious. I of course did give some amount because if something touches me the right way giving my coin is not an issue at all. Also something that I did not know going there is that there is a whole stretch along 5th Avenue chock called Museum Mile that’s just full of museums (how cool!!). So if you fancy visiting museums and all that comes with it then it’s definitely something you should plan for. When I got to THE MET we spent almost five hours in there and it still wasn’t enough time to cover everything, that’s how ginormous it is but it was for sure one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life. I was also very excited to visit the Anna Wintour wing but unfortunately it wasn’t open to the public at that time.

Slide the slider thing in the middle to view both images. On the left is the Wright part in the museum that I liked. Image on the right speaks for itself.

After walking around the museum and visiting the very enticing gift shop we decided to leave and go explore Manhattan a bit more. It was my second last day there and I did not want to spend the entire day at the museum as much as I loved it. I unfortunately could not visit the other museums along the mile because I did not know they were there so I did not plan for them in my schedule but will definitely do it next time. After THE MET we decided to go for a walk around Central Park which is right next to the museum. The park is very big so we could not walk the entire park but I got to see the place where a Home Alone scene was shot. After a lot of walking we somehow found ourselves in Times Square, we kept walking and some how found ourselves at the Madison Square Garden. It was honestly a random find because we were trying to look for the the Macy’s along 5th Avenue and when we stopped to look at the buildings around us (concrete jungle indeed) we saw that the Madison Square Garden was right in front of us. In the light of New York making sure I get best of both worlds it started raining and we had to endure some walking in the rain which was fun.

Joer in her element, being weird.

And ladies and gentlemen that was my visit in the big apple. My long anticipated wait to visit this city was done and it’s honestly one of those places that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of wanting to visit. I would love to experience New York during the holiday season and visit the Rockefeller center and see the Christmas light show at SAKS and all the other glory that comes with it during the holidays. I am not much of a foodie when I travel but I do know you can have some of the best best meals around popular spots in NYC and some not so popular. From fine dining foods to small chick ice cream and pastry stores, so if you’re a foodie then all your craving needs will be met. Thank you so much guys for stoping by through out these series and taking the time to read through my posts. Your love and support does not go unnoticed. See you guys next week again on even more exciting blog posts. Despite the circus show that is 2020 WE MOVE REGARDLESS AND STAY POSITIVE !!!!

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