Hello my gorgeous readers. How are you guys doing? Has September come with any hope or we’re still figuring it out. Anyways, whatever the case we gotta stay hopeful. Today, actually this week I am so excited for the series of blog posts coming to you guys because I talk about my favorite city in the whole world. It’s non other than New York City. Oooh Gosh! I have loved that place for the longest time and frankly speaking I am wondering how things are gonna be once the world moves to the new normal. I first fell in love with New York when I was watching “Home Alone 2, Lost in New York”, I have watched other movies that were shot in NYC or are supposedly shot in NYC (if you know what I mean…. studios in California) but watching Kevin run around the city all by himself just set it off for me. I guess at the age i was i watched it, seeing a kid being able to maneuver their way around such a big city just made my mind think, If Kevin can do it, I can do it too. That’s when the obsession began hahaha. In this part of the blog I am also going to be sharing the power of the mind and how it can attract things because that’s basically how my trip to NYC happened. It was basically me going through a very shitty period in my life but choosing to see a hopeful happy future ahead.

I have visited New York City once and stayed there for about a week before flying back home (to SA at the time). And the story that led up to me getting there is one I definitely want to share and I am glad I have this testimony about the power of manifestation with a place I hold so dear in my heart. Towards the end of 2016 in to 2017 I was going through a rather rough patch in my life and I remember that year I just wanted to spend New Years eve and New Years in NYC watching the ball drop and roaming the streets of this beautiful place. But no, that was not my reality. My reality was, I was at home (in Tanzania) with my family and I don’t recall it being a very cheerful time. But I do remember changing the time zone in my phone and putting it to New York time (stupid I know haha) and every time my mum would ask me what time is it I would tell her some random hour that was the actual time in New York. I remember my mum asking me why is your phone on a different time zone and I was like I wish I could spend New Years in NYC but I can’t so i’m going to be in that time zone even though I am currently not there.

Most of the times if not all times when you want something so bad and it’s so big and maybe beyond your capabilities people will look at you like you’re stupid, you might also look at yourself at those times and think I’m a little crazy. But once your perseverance and consistency pays off then it’ll make sense to you and to everyone else around who thought you went a little bit coco. I started 2017 like I was in New York with all it’s glamour but in actuality I wasn’t. I remember as well having one of the most dull birthdays that year (my birthday is on the 11th of January) and my brother told me one thing, Lisa next years birthday will be so much better and indeed it was. I celebrated 2017 news years like I was in New York and got to be in New York in January 2018. I did not have any plans that showed me in any way that ooh next year you’ll be in this place. Not at all, but I was the following year and that is why I thought I should share about the power of manifesting with my own example. A year before I was telling myself this where I want to be and living like I am there (but working and going on with my normal life) and the following year I was actually at that place. Little did I know that my little act that looked stupid at the time was pulling me closer, acting like the strongest magnet and creating the reality that was once just a dream.

I got to go to New York, stayed for a week, toured most of the city, had a very lovely host who was kind enough to not only let us (me and my friend) stay at their place but also take us around the city whenever they had the time, got to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, shopped at 5th Avenue stores, saw some locations in which Home Alone 2 was shot and got to walk and live like a New Yorker for a bloody week and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I was also lucky enough to get best of both worlds of New York weather. I got to experience snow, a nice chilled weather in the evening which was rare for that time. I will talk about my stay in the city in the coming blog tomorrow and the day after but I just thought that these stories (the behind the scene) was a necessity for me to share. For anyone out there who wants to do what I do or something else, I’m sure this story will be a great push to you and your mindset towards the life you want. Don’t be scared to be called crazy as long as you know in your heart there is something you’re going after.

As I conclude todays first part I just want to put it out there and I’ll probably say it once. For anyone who reads this blog and will in the future watch my travel videos documenting my trips, please don’t for a second think; she’s so lucky, she comes from a rich family, things come easy to her, she’s this or that. NO, I want to let you know right now that nothing comes easy in life, you have to work for everything in one way or another. Every opportunity that has come my way did not just fall off the sky, I worked for it, searched for it, knocked on countless doors until the right one opened. I have cried just like you cried, gone through times when I felt like all hope is lost just like you, felt like the world is unfair but I always don’t let myself stay down. I push, I chase, I go after anything I want and I don’t care if it’s scary, I find the courage in me to do it. I was once having a conversation with my dad and he coined a term that I liked, he said I am very aggressive when it comes to life. So things don’t come to us because we are so deserving and such great people, they come because we persevere, we push, we take the countless no’s but always hope for a yes till it comes our way. Be aggressive and be fearless and life will have no option but to give you what you want. Love you guys so much and thank you for stoping by. Stop by tomorrow and Friday for the remaining parts of this weeks series .

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