HI there my gorgeous readers. As promised I am back today with the second part of my trip(s) to Cape Town. Let’s get right in to it. You’re probably wondering what is there to do in the city, the touristy things and what not. There is A LOT of things to do in Cape Town from wine tasting, sightseeing historical sites, shopping, wildlife, honestly the list is endless. I only had the chance to visit Victoria & Alfred Waterfront and the Kristenbosch National Botanical Gardens which are so beautiful. I was on a (student) budget and wanted the cheapest way to enjoy my experience in Cape Town without having to break my bank.

The V&A Waterfront was honestly my favorite because there is a lot of things to do there and you could literally go there and not spend any money, just do a lot of sight seeing instead. There is an extensive mall that is packed with all the “cool” stores from Top Shop to Louis Vuitton, you name it, it’s there. You want jewelry, you want cool happening gadgets, homeware, it’s all there. There is also a harbor area with a lot of ships and you can also take a boat ride just around the harbor which is pretty cool. A variety of places to eat, from fine dinning to grab and go food areas. If you love to shop then that’s where you should be. It’s very packed with tourists from all around the world. I remember one my first visits there I had two European guys offer to help take a picture of me, so its a very lovely place with a good positive vibe and energy. Also just walking around the entire place is an experience of it’s own. It’s massive and has an endless variety of things to see. I will say though getting your Uber to pick you up from there can be quite a sport, at least that’s the experience I had. So if you’re looking for somewhere cheap to be at, that’s breathtaking then I definitely recommend V & A Waterfront. Apparently there is an aquarium around the area too that you could check out, you can also take a Ferry to Robben Island from the Nelson Mandela Gateway which is at the V & A Waterfront, or if you’re fancy you can take a helicopter ride to the Island. It’s all about choices, life is all about choices ya know!

Because breakfast if my favorite meal of the day!!!

I also would have loved to hike Table Mountains or Lion’s head or both but I did not have the time, but it’s definitely something I am looking forwards to doing in the future. I have seen pictures and read testimonials of how the view from the top is just insane. Another thing that I would have also loved to do was take a cable car by the Table Mountains but it was too windy and they weren’t running on both times that I was there. So that’s definitely something to put in to consideration that the weather, depending on the season or day can affect some of the outdoorsy activities you might want to do.

Kristenbosch National Botanical Gardens

I also got to visit the Kristenbosch National Botanical Gardens which I highly recommend if you want to just take a day to relax and be around natures bearings. It is very quite and peaceful and they also have a lot of interesting flora that is used in research in different parts of the world (very cool). You do have to pay a fee when entering the gardens but it is fairly priced. You can also stay there for as long as you want (I don’t know if there are any botanical gardens that chase people but just thought I should mention it). I remember I had a couple of hours to kill before my bus trip back home and didn’t feel like walking around with my luggage so I just chilled by the gardens till it was time for me to leave.

Kristenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Before I end todays blog I thought I should also mention where I stayed during all my visits in Cape Town. It was this guest house that has ensuite bedrooms. You get to stay in your own room that is very spacious and is equipped with a fridge, kitchen area and some have bath tubs and it looks and feels very luxurious. It is honestly such a beautiful place that I kept going back. It is called 2 ON LISMORE and it’s in the Tokai area. Unfortunately it’s a bit far from the downtown area but very peaceful, nice neighborhood and close to a lot amenities like there is a mall close by and other stuff. The upside of staying a bit far from the hustle and bustle of the city is as you commute there you get to see a lot of the city which is a huge plus for me. Thankyou so much to everyone who takes the time to visit my blog and those who follow it. I truly appreciate and love you guys so so much!!!

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