Hey hey my beautiful readers. I believe ya’ll been keeping well. Sorry it’s taken me a minute to get up and write this weeks blog. I’ve had a plateful but that’s no excuse. I’ll do better I promise. Today I wanna talk about HOME. What do you consider a home. If you ask me, i’m gonna be like a place where I can walk around naked without nobody caring (hahah jokes). But honestly a home would be my private space. A place where I can make it look how I want, do what I want whenever I want to and being a person who is passionate about making spaces look great I would love to dedicate a blog post to that someday.

Sometimes home isn’t four walls, it’s two eyes and heartbeat- Anon

However today I wanna talk about a home which is a person or people in our lives who make us feel like we can walk around naked with our personalities and just be ourselves. I’ve been finding myself missing my sisters over in South Africa a lot lot lately because they are honestly people I could be myself around and bonded with them in a very unique special way. I miss how we used to hang around, be busy all week and just sit in the comfort of each other’s presence and feel like nothing else matters in the world. I MISS YOU GIRLS, THIS BLOG POST IS DEDICATED TO YA’LL.

Do you have someone in your life or people in your life that make you feel at peace when you’re around them. People that can tell that all you need today is a hug nothing more. People who know when to talk, cry with you and rejoice with you. That’s the home i’m talking about today. And its made me believe the saying that home is not four walls but two eyes and a heartbeat. Is there a person in your life that you can be absolutely comfortable with them, you can be as sarcastic as you want, as real as you can be because you know they know know you. If you catch my drift then you know exactly what I am talking about. Thanks for stoping by today, see ya’ll next week. Check on your loved ones and remember not everyone has the luxury to be around their loved ones during this time so hug yours a lit bit tighter and appreciate them a little bit more on behalf of us who can not do that.

Oooh btw Happy new month!!

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