Hey hey there my beautiful readers. How have you guys been? Hopefully keeping well and hanging in there! How has your week been since we last met on my lovely blog? Mine has been crazy busy but I am here to give you the content you signed up for (lol). Sooo let’s talk about how July is coming to an end and well, some of us, if not most of us haven’t ticked of most of the things we planned for in 2020. I remember how everyone on my twitter time line was just so excited for 2020. End of a decade, tweny tweny, twenty plenty LOL. Boy has it been twenty plenty indeed. There is not a color this year hasn’t showed us (haha laughs as I cry).

I mean each of us in their respective countries, with their respective whatever that defines them has been challenged by this year. There have been things that have affected us on a personal level and incidents that have touched the whole world and just left us thinking that this could be the end of the world. But I ain’t having none of that end of the world bs. I have so so many things to tick of my bucket list and this world aint gonna end before I do that. It has been a heavy year though and July is coming to an end which has me hoping that things will start to escalate to a somewhat new normal. I am a lover of places and different cultures so I tend to want to learn about different peoples situations. So I have been trying to connect with different people I know around the world. Trying to understand and see how life has changed on their end depending on the part of the world they’re in. Most of them seem to be hanging in there (which is good) but most importantly they say that they are starting to see some light. Regardless of the covid cases, their respective governments are working hard to find a balance, a new normal because LIFE MUST GO ON TO BE HONEST. IT HAS TO GO ON.

So as July is coming to an end I am glad that there is hope for the remaining of the months of 2020. There is hope that some of us who have an education to pursue will be able to keep doing that. Some of us who have jobs that had to stop can finally return to work. And some of us who our worlds basically stopped depending on what we do can see some light of us returning to business. So my beautiful readers I am here again, the ever half glass full person reminding you and reminding myself that, those plans might happen after all. That trip, that dream, that degree, diploma, job can be accomplished after all because there is indeed some light towards the end of this tunnel. Whatever force you believe in, it’s been fighting for you, it’s been fighting for us and EVERYTHING WILL BE MORE THAN ALRIGHT.

Love Joer!

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