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Hey there my beautiful readers. I believe y’all are doing alright. Thought I’d pop in today and talk to my fellow travelholics. How have you guys been coping with the pandemic and not being able to travel. Well for me it’s been a challenge to be honest. I am definitely one of those people who needs a road trip at least once every two months to keep sane so you can only imagine how it’s been. But I have been keeping positive and finding new ways stay sane and one of those ways has been baking (LOL). Another way has been trying to channel my energy in to something new every week just to keep up and stay sane during these times.

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us- Anon

However a good number of countries have started opening up their borders or are thinking of opening up their borders so it means we’re going to be able to catch a flight sometime soon. Be it in a month or two it’s coming soon. My next concern now is the anxiety I feel every time I think about traveling post pandemic madness. I have been seeing videos of people flying while wearing masks and some countries thinking of having their visitors stay in quarantine for 14 days once they arrive. OMG! Honestly it gives me a lot of anxiety and makes me wanna postpone flying anytime soon. The thought of wearing a mask for at least 8 hours seems crazy to me but not as crazy as having to stay in quarantine for 14 days once I arrive to the country I am going to. Wearing a mask seems more doable though than the 14 days quarantine. I haven’t even thought about the masses of people I am going to come across at the airports. Nonetheless I am still keen to travel and I would catch that flight because, well desperate times calls for desperate measures. Please let me know how you guys are feeling about traveling post pandemic restrictions. Are you guys anxious about it and will just wait for next year or are some of you just gonna jump in to the deep end like me and go for it. All I know is I need a new scenery, I need to see new streets and different people because GADAM!

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.- Saint Augustine

I have been seeing though that some of you have been using this time to explore your local cities, towns or villages. Which is such a great thing to calm the nerves and not go crazy. I do feel like the beauty of traveling is being able to leave your current environment for at least a day or two. Just leave it behind for sometime you know. But lets be a glass half full today and go for a drive somewhere we’ve never been to in our local environments or even places we’ve been to already. Let’s go hike that trail for the seventh time and enjoy nature. Let’s take this time to enjoy what we have around us and take full advantage of it even though it’s almost driving us crazy but let’s hang in there. I know I am talking to someone out there, hang in there love we’re in this together. Also the borders in Tanzania are open so for some of you out there who your borders are open and want to come for a safari, you’re more than welcome. Thanks for stoping by today!

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