Hey there my beautiful reader(s). How have you guys been holding up with everything crazy that’s been going on ? My hope is we’re all trying our best to hang in there. I wanted to chat to you guys about self love today. Before I get in to it I know I have been MIA for a long long time but I am back and I believe for good this time (the two posts I made two years apart laughing at me LOL). I wanna talk about self love and how I view it and how my perception of self love has changed overtime. I think we might make this a two parter just because it’s such a broad topic.

So what is “self love” ? According to Merriam-Websters dictionary the word self-love has been defined in three different ways. a)an appreciation of one’s own worth or virtue, (b) proper regard for and attention to one’s own happiness or well being and (c) inflated love of or pride in one self. Now today I am going to focus on my understanding of self love and in the second part we will look at what professionals have to say about self love. If i’m being completely honest I relate to and understand more the second definition that self love is all about giving attention to my happiness and well being. Whenever catching up with any of my friends and they tell me about the new man, job or whatever that’s new in their life my first question to them is always, are you happy ? or does it make you happy ? In my opinion if something doesn’t make me happy what’s the purpose of pursuing it. If i’m constantly in agony, worrying, stressing why allow myself to be in such a situation.

I do understand that sometimes life dishes us with circumstances that put us completely down and have us feeling like we have nothing left to live for, trust me I’ve been there. That’s why we are having this discussion because I for one am trying to explore this word self love and how it ties up with all the dynamics of life. When i’m going through a tough period and I can’t even face myself in the mirror am I practicing self love ? Is self love a practice? When you’re having a bad day, week or year are you allowed to say to hell with loving myself today I am going to make this reckless decision . I know I may come off as I am rambling and all over the place but I am trying to wear different peoples shoes and see how their perception of self love may be.

I believe self love should be a priority to everyone. No matter your age or gender. Self love is something one should make an effort to learn about and practice and parents, guardians, mentors and anyone who has people looking up to them should be an advocate of self love. I believe self love is when you look at your body and choose to love it and appreciate it for all it does for you. I believe self love is the small kind words we say to our selves when no one is around. When you learn to love yourself for who you are, you’ll start becoming more aware of what’s around you. How you interact with people, how they affect your energy. I also believe that self love HAS NO ATTACHMENTS whatsoever. Your inner peace and joy can never come from a person be it your partner, parent, friend or any significant person in your life nor can it come from things like the latest happening gadget or shopping. All these “attachments” will only bring temporary joy, temporary peace but once they are gone you are back to square one. That is why some people can’t stand being left alone not even for a couple of minutes because they have attached their inner peace and joy to the outside world.

I hope that today reading this I can remind you that everything you need to make you happy is looking at you in the mirror and that’s YOU. You are your bestest friend, closest confidant and sometimes worst enemy. I am here to remind you to take it easy, slow down and be proud of yourself first no matter the circumstances surrounding you. You’ve made it this far it means you still got it in you. Start small by speaking positive affirming words to yourself. Smile more, look for the beauty in the little things and watch yourself and your life transform little by little. I hope with these words I can touch someone especially during these times where everything seems to be going wrong. I am here to remind you to be a little kinder and more loving to yourself for its going to be okay and if its not okay then its not the end yet. Thanks for stoping by today till next week.

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