We have all been at that place in our lives where we feel stuck. We are driven, focused and working towards our goals but  nothing seems to be going the way we are hoping for it to go. I have been in that place and what I can say is, it is not easy but we have to learn to go through life  constantly asking ourselves what am i meant to learn from this. This questioning attitude is one thing that i have been training my brain to work with and trust me it has been and still is a hell of a ride. One thing after the other has been happening and i am forced to not look at the why but look at what am i meant to learn from it.

As a result storms have come and gone and I did not notice them go because i was too busy getting the lesson and did not have the time to wait on the storm to pass. I was too busy learning and setting new goals. Setting them higher than i did before knowing and believing that the God that helped me get through all of the one’s before is more than capable to help me get to where i want to be, no matter how humanly impossible it may seem based on my current circumstances.

Romans 4;20-22 is one of my favorite verses from the Bible because of the faith that Abraham had towards God’s promises in his life. It reminds me that anything that I wish to achieve (given the morals are right) is a God-given dream. And if God put it in me he is more than capable to make it happen beyond my expectations.

What season are you in your life at the moment ? Do you feel stuck ?  Do you have dreams you working so hard to accomplish but you feel like the odds are not in your favor ? May God give you faith as strong as Abraham’s that no matter what season you are in have no doubt that God is more that able to do what he has put in you.


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