I honestly do not know how to feel after a good year and several months of not even visiting my own site. When i finally decided to make use of word press i was certain i would be consistent and content would just flow in me. Which it did but i just did not have enough motivation to  open my laptop and start typing. When i last wrote on this site i was encouraging all my readers to follow their dreams no matter how big or small and i did not think for a second that i would not have enough courage the next day to act on what i preached. I have been chasing my dreams but this one in particular just seemed a bit too much. I guess the anxiety caught up to me and any writer knows that letting people read what you write is like letting them read your thoughts. The thought of that scared me to hell so i stopped. But i am back now hopefully for good.

A lot has happened over the past year, a lot. I’ve traveled, worked in a foreign land and i am currently finishing up my first degree. I am so excited for what the future holds but most importantly, i am learning to take one day at a time. I am also learning that good things take time (have been learning and i still am) so please be patient with me. I know the site looks messy and not all that impressive but i am back and i am here to stay, I am here to learn and most importantly i am here to grow.  My dreams have been haunting me (lol). I love inspiring people because i feel like we all as humans are always going through something and as we go through life’s storms we tend to forget that someone else has probably been there and they got through it. This year and last year as well have been one of those years for me. As i grow up,i am becoming more aware of things and environments around me and as i go through some things and i get through them. A big part of me always wants to tell the story. To encourage the next person, that it’s okay what you’re going through and i really do hope from the bottom of my heart that i can motivate you and encourage you to keep going.

I hope ya’ll are having a blessed Sunday,



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