If you want anything in life you have to get up and do what needs to be done to get it. It does not matter how big or impossible what you want to accomplish or do seems to be. Just believe in yourself and do it. Now i know we have all heard these words so many times. If you want something you have to work hard bla bla bla , but no one actually reminds us on a daily basis to go out there and get it. Life is challenging , it has it’s ups and downs and one word in a day probably from a lousy teacher you dislike will not help you as you prepare for your exams and feel hopeless passing them well. One lousy speech or a good speech from your partner, parent, therapist you name them. It will most certainly not get you through some tough times in life. The human brain is in a way programmed to forget easily and most of the times we let the difficult times define us. We go through situations and forget that we have probably been through worse and gotten through it but somehow this job interview is killing my nerves or this coming test/exam will be the end of me. No! That interview will be the beginning of  your beautiful career , that test will be a reminder of your potential, of what you are capable of doing once you choose to not let the fear of i can’t do this take control of you. And i am here to remind you on a daily basis hopefully, to share with you and encourage you that you are good enough, that marriage did not fail because of you, that company that rejected you just made a huge mistake, and that exam that you seem to fear is actually scared of how you’re gonna slay once you realize that you are the boss of it.

For the longest of time i have been holding back from writing on this blog. I have had it for almost a year or so and i have thought about writing ever since i was like 15 years old. But all this while i have been scared of what people might think of me. Giving myself excuses like the internet is a dangerous place , i don’t want to be cyber bullied and what not. Guess what not doing what you love in the fear of pain inflicted by people  you create in your head is not the best idea. It’s torture for yourself. My fear of gracing the world with my writing and my many other talents has proven to be a source of torture to myself. So many times i have thought of doing something and i’ll think about it for the longest of time but when i am about to do it ,i back out at the very last minute. But today i have made a stance . I will open my one year blog with no content in it and write, inspire and share my story  regardless of what my head tells me might happen. I hope that i inspire you to do the same . Get up and phone that modelling agency , call that man you love or that son/ daughter you are scared hates you for what you did, prepare for that exam. Get your confidence up, believe in yourself and watch you do things you never even thought possible. And that’s the power of actually doing something about what you want.

Thank you for taking your time to read this ,i hope i inspired you today :-)., pub-9702288891171828, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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An ambitious lady who has a strong passion for everything beautiful life has to offer. I made this blog to share parts of what I enjoy in life with the world. I hope we can all learn a thing or two and share. XOXO Joer !

7 thoughts on “GET UP AND DO IT.

  1. am inspired wit ur inspiring word and it makes me to get up and move on no matter of different circumstances in life

  2. Lisa this is life changing! And I have been a victim of most of the things that you talked about that even i decided to take a break and rest. Thank you for proving and reminding me to get up and start once again. Thank you! thank you! :’)

  3. Marvelous thankyou and congratulations on the step you’ve taken.
    I am very inspired thank you one more time I hope I’ll make it lile you someday soon.

  4. Thank u lisa… nyc inspiring words n so motivating.. am glad for the step u have taken n do it more….

  5. aaaw my Lisa is spreading her wings.I’m actually so happy you are using that talented big mouth (lol) for something so amazing.I can only imagine the courage you had to release the fear and do this.Shine like the diamond you are, this was beautifully written.It’sTari btw.

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